Vice President
Robbie Polo

My earliest memory and passion for Mustangs started as a kid when I heard the sound of a Ford V8. It was love at first sight and sound. After renting a Shelby Hertz Mustang on a family vacation, I decided that it was time to make a dream come true. My first Mustang was a Shelby GT special ordered and delivered from Shelby American in Las Vegas. In a quest for more power, I upgraded to a Shelby GT500 which I still own today.

As a car enthusiast, I started to attend Cars and Coffee events which opened doors to meeting new friends who share the same passion for cars. My passion lead me to join a local Mustang Club where I served as a board member responsible for planning fun activities such as bridge cruises, special destinations and, of course, cruising to great places to eat. The best part for me was having my wife and son join me on club activities. It gave us the chance to enjoy the same passion and meet great people along the way. I call it “Quality Family Time”. My son is now the proud owner of a Mustang Cobra, also know as “Terminator.“ The smile on his face says it all, it’s all about the performance and sound, it must be genetic!

I’m excited to be a Founder of the Bay Area Mustangs and I hope you will join us for the exciting days ahead. Let’s have FUN! 💥BAM!