Melinda Morales

My first car, at the tender age of sixteen, was a Mustang. I loved that car, but never did I dream that one day I would marry a man whose obsession was also for the Ford Mustang. Now, many years later, I can look back on all the wonderful memories we have made, spending our fun times together in pursuit of a common hobby. I can tell you it is a great thing for a marriage. We’ve spent nearly thirty years enjoying the same pursuits and creating a great group of shared friends. It’s certainly a recipe for a happy marriage.

Throughout the over twenty years I’ve been involved with the Mustang hobby, I’ve served in many Board capacities. As I look back I remember being Publicity Chairman, Registration Chairman, Raffle Chairman, Treasurer, Ladies League Chairman, Christmas Party Chairman and even Car Show Chairman. And now I will be serving as Membership Chairman for the Bay Area Mustangs.

​But all of this was “filler work” to my first (and dearest) assignment, that of Newsletter Editor. I’ve always felt that Club newsletters should be “down to earth” and give club members a feeling of what goes on in the club. I love pictures of members that show great big smiles on peoples faces.
The right picture tells a story of great events, that words can’t. But let there be no doubt, I do love the words. Through my newsletters, I love to tell stories that make people laugh, gather interest, and sometimes I just like to make people wonder just how nutty I can really be!

So, I look forward to starting this new chapter. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s going to be a Blast! I hope you join us for this new adventure. It will be all about friendship, good works, and … oh yes … our beautiful Mustangs! On that note, all that is left to say is … BAM!