Newsletter Staff
Lupe Minute, Lifestyle Reporter
​Lupe Minute is, well, a little “loopy!” Yes, I knew this when I hired her, but she is so endearing in the way she looks so hard for those little uncommon truths that only she can see, and then shares them with us in all their glorious detail. There is also her wonderful relationship with her Mustang Man, and all the various and creative ways she finds to make him happy. Luckily for us, she has quite an appetite for sharing her experiences and ideas, giving us plenty of ideas to learn from. Like leaving lipstick kisses all over her Mustang Man’s car to celebrate Valentine’s Day. She is just so creative!

If I had to summarize Lupe, I would say that she likes to write from her inner voice, sometimes leaving her readers feeling slightly dazed. Her writing isn’t about a style, it’s her experiment, her chance to grow as a reporter. It’s like messing around with the status quo just to see what will happen …

Rumer Mills, Investigative Reporter

​Rumer Mills is our truth teller. She has very good hearing and loves to share all the little “on dits” of our BAM family. She is respectful and quiet … but you know what they say about the quiet ones! When she isn’t listening to BAM members, her inner voice speaks up and, I have to warn you, her inner voice is the least quiet thing about her. She has a way of pointing out the obvious in order to give us a whole new perspective on a variety of topics. Like the time she put together a thorough explanation of why Santa just might be a “she”. Reading her soundly thought out explanation, she had me believing. But my belief is always challenged each time she shares her latest argument with her Ford vehicle. Who would have thought that an inner voice and a vehicle could be so loud?

If I had to summarize Rumer, I’d say that her goal as a reporter is to share the truth, and not to worry about the outcome of her work. Whenever she does this, she thinks she is “creating something better and more honest” than worrying about what people might think! Cause her job is to listen … and to share her unique opinions with the rest of us …

Rusty Sparks, Staff Mechanic

​Rusty Sparks is our voice of experience. His voice lends a nice balance for those of you who enjoy spending a little time in his Man Cave and Garage. He’s generally an easy go lucky, low-key kind of guy, but he has a sparkle in his eye that lights up the newsroom when he feels like teasing other staff members. And he feels like it quite often. As a senior staff member, and having been married for a long, long time, he also has a lot of essential wisdom to impart to you Mustang Men.

If I had to summarize Rusty, I would say that he is a cruiser from a long time back. What do I mean by that? Well, Rusty has learned that sometimes the indirect route is the best way to get to where he wants to be. With Rusty, it’s all about simply being happy. And that’s worth reading about.

​Ida Sage, Staff Philosopher

​Ida Sage is our voice with a unique kind of wisdom. She is full of thought-provoking opinions, and loves to leave them with us, sometimes like a butterfly that flutters by, and sometimes like a bull in a china shop. She is quite diverse that way. She thoroughly enjoys providing the honest, straightforward, and delightful wisdom that her readers have come to know and love.

If I had to summarize Ida, I’d say that she is slightly unconventional and off-center, but really quite extraordinary. She is just like that eccentric aunt, who says exactly what’s on her mind. And we can’t help but love her for it.

Pepper Mills, Reporter at Large

Pepper Mills is new to our staff and is the younger sister of Rumer Mills. Pepper joins us to bring her special brand of spice to the team. Unlike Rumer, she isn’t the quiet type. Quite the contrary. When she wants to be heard, you will definitely see her coming. She is curious, funny, loves to laugh, and has a wicked sense of humor.

If I had to summarize Pepper, I’d say that we are all in for a new kind of adventure. I can only hope that no one has food allergies, because Pepper will bring her own pinch of spice that will be uniquely hers.

Marbles Madcap, Apprentice Reporter

Marbles Madcap is our Apprentice Reporter. Quite frankly, I hired him the minute he told me his name. How could I not? With a name like that you have to grow up with a great personality and a wild sense of fun. Marbles is anxious to please everyone, much like a puppy dog that bounds around a room, looking for a friendly face. I’m looking to Rusty Sparks to be a mentor to him, but I’m sure he will learn a lot from the rest of the staff as well.

If I had to summarize Marbles, I’d look back at our first interview. He told me he wants to learn to write like he drives. With his lopsided grin, he said that he sees his skills as being a combination of badass, funny and brave, and his hope is that the right audience will come along for the ride. Oh, I think they will.